Santa Barbara County Democratic Party Joins No on Measure T Coalition

The Democratic Party is the latest to join a growing coalition of Carpinteria community leaders, 4-of-5 City Councilmembers, and small business leaders in saying No on Measure T

Carpinteria, CA — Joining a broad coalition in support of sensible governance, the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party has endorsed “No on Measure T,” speaking out against the Carpinteria ballot measure that would upend the local planning process. The influential SB County Democratic Party further bolsters the robust No on Measure T backing of 4-of-5 Carpinteria City Council members alongside other prominent community leaders who are campaigning against the measure on November’s ballot.

“Measure T would put important guidelines and protections at risk by imposing sweeping changes to Carpinteria’s land-use process,” said Darcel Elliott, Chairwoman of the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party. “We urge voters to say No to Measure T to stop land use policy making at the ballot box and protect Carpinteria from the unintended consequences of Measure T.”

The No on Measure T committee ( was recently formed to provide education and combat misinformation being circulated by proponents of Measure T 2022, which will be on the November ballot in the City of Carpinteria. No on Measure T will work to protect the city planning process through educating voters about the risks associated with city planning by ballot measure. 

The No on Measure T committee contends that the campaign for Measure T has used deception to persuade voters without disclosing the full content and scope of the errant ballot measure. No On Measure T will work to ensure the community is fully educated before voters make a decision which could be rife with unintended consequences like increased development in open space and the long-term inability to alter parking lots serving the city. 

In endorsing the rebuttal against Measure T 2022, 4-of-5 Carpinteria City council members say the measure is misleading to the point of doing the opposite of its stated intent. Rather than preventing development in the city’s Parking Lot #3, if passed, Measure T would in fact allow the development of high-density housing on the property through a zoning change.

“The city’s planning process, careful consideration of new development and stewardship of open space have resulted in a beautiful beach town that is the envy of the world,” said Jason Rodriguez, Principal Officer of No on Measure T 2022. “Our committee is working to protect Carpinteria and to keep intact the system that gives us consistent, cohesive planning, rather than usurping that with a patchwork planning model that threatens our city.” 

About No on Measure T 2022: Founded by community-minded Carpinterians, the No on Measure T 2022 committee will raise funds and campaign to defeat Measure T on the November 2022 ballot in Carpinteria. The group will educate the public about the full scope of the ballot measure and the harm it could impose long into the future.

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