Lorraine McIntire: NO on Measure T

First published in the Coastal View on August 17, 2022.

I really appreciated the letter submitted by Kyle Zuvella last week (CVN Vol. 28, No. 47, “A resounding NO on Measure T” regarding the misinformation being circulated by the “Save the Parking Lot” group. 

I, too, have been following this issue closely and I am sincerely concerned that if Measure T is unfortunately passed, that our current general plan will be negatively changed for generations to come. 

The city has spent years laying out our general plan, all the while working with a variety of trained technical experts, benchmarking off other plans, and being open and transparent by involving the community in creating a plan that the community wants. It is no secret that a very small group of downtown residents are now advocating for the railroad parking lot (which is currently zoned commercial) to be rezoned to recreation with a residential overlay. 

What they don’t tell you is that this potential rezoning could negatively impact other open spaces in our community. They also don’t tell you that this potential rezoning could impact future development.

Please learn the facts and vote No on Measure T.

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